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UK Credit (“UK Credit Ltd”) are based in Norwich, Norfolk.  UK Credit offer Guarantor Loans at a Representative Example  APR  of 53.8% (fixed) UK Credit are not loans brokers so there are no fees to apply for a loan. All bad credit considered.

  • Direct Lender (No Loans Brokers)
  • All Bad Credit Accepted
  • Please only apply if you have a homeowner guarantor to support your application.
  • UK Credit provides Loans from £500 to £5,000
  • Discount Available

UK Credit Loans


  • RATED: 4 STARSLendFair Loans are 4 star rated by our website users in 18 reviews.
  • MIN TERM: NONEPay off your LendFair Guarantor Loans without penalty for early termination. Only pay interest accrued to date
  • MAX TERM: 60 MONTHSThe maximum time your allowed to have an LendFair Loans over excluding top up loans that LendFair Loans offer.
  • LOAN MIN:: £500The minimum loan amount from LendFair Loans is £500
  • LOAN MAX £5,000The maximum loan amount from LendFair Loans is £5000
  • DISCOUNT AVAILABLE: YES 3.9% So 49.9% APR.UK Credit offer a discount of 5.9% bringing the total loan APR to 47,9% this is only available on a special link. contact us for details.
  • UPFRONT FEES: NOPlease be advised that applying for a loan through a loans broker can still incur you an upfront fee, loans brokers will also get paid a commission that you will pay in your loan avoid this by going to the lender directly by using a website such as Guarantor Loans Compare.
  • EARLY TERMINATIONS FEES: NONELendFair Loans does not charge any fees for early termination, pay only the interest to the day that you pay off your loan.
  • LATE PAYMENT FEES: NONELendFair Loans does not charge any late fees, (but the loan balance will still accrue interest).


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Does this loan really work??

Jun 04, 2013 by Gmoondi
Are You A Genuine Customer?: No chance 

Want to know if anyone has a loan by this firm?.

Response: Thank you for your valued opinion it will assist others I am sure.

1.0 1.0 1 1 Want to know if anyone has a loan by this firm?. UK Credit Ltd
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